Water & Gas Department

7000 West Jefferson Road
Quinton, Al 35130
Office Number: (205) 674-3219

24hr Emergency Number: (205) 674-6454
Utility Supervisor: Brad Tuggle: [email protected]

Read: Natural Gas Safety Newsletter HERE.

811 Alabama

The Town of West Jefferson would like to remind you to always
Call Alabama 811 before digging.

Caution Gas PipelineBy locating and marking underground utilities, you protect yourself as well as your utility service. Unintentional damage to underground facilities dur­ing excavation is a significant cause of disruption in utility services, as well as other vital service operations. Accidentally breaking a natural gas pipe isn't just an inconvenience, it's a hazard to you, your neighborhood and your community.


DO NOT allow open flames or spark producing objects in presence of un-ignited gas

DO NOT extinguish flames of escaping gas unless life is in danger

DO NOT operate any type of machinery

DO NOT operate any valves on the city installations without consulting gas company

SMELL GAS? CALL (205) 674-3219

Allied Waste aka Republic Services

  • Phone number to call to have damaged can replaced is (205)923-1650
  • Direct Link to website: www.republicservices.com
  • Residents please contact us Holiday Schedule or Assistance for getting
    trash can from home to roadside.
  • Streets:  Contact Info: (205) 674-3219