Natural Gas Safety Newsletter

Park up wind of incident. Establish traffic control, approach scene cau­tiously Remember natural gas can migrate beyond the immediate area Evacuate the area Don not try to stop the natural gas leak Gas will follow the path of least resistance, includ­ing migrating into base­ments and sewers If natural gas has ignited, do not try to […]

Dollar General Grand Opening

Dollar General Grand Opening February 24th at 8:00am Refreshments available for all attending Come out and enjoy this special event Prizes of Gift Cards and Special Sales will be available

Dollar General Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Town of West Jefferson excitedly welcomed Dollar General to town today with a Groundbreaking ceremony. The Mayor, town council members, Jefferson County Commissioner, and a Jefferson County Board of Education representative, as well as representatives from the nearby Alabama Power Miller Steam Plant were in attendance, along with members of the community.